How to Make All Cells Same Size in Excel

While working with Excel, you may not give much thought about how it looks but when it is time to present your workbook to your client, you want to make sure it’s looking clean and eye-catching. One of the problems you might face is your data are not corresponding with your Cell lengths. Some columns are too large, and some rows might be small, which looks rather boring. So, you want to make sure your Rows and Columns are the same size or at a size that is proportionate to your data. Obviously, today we will learn to do exactly that, which is to make all Cells the same size in Excel.

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Make All Cells the Same Size in Excel with These 6 Methods

Today, we are discussing 6 easy and simple methods to resize your Cells according to your preference. We will use a dataset of vendors who import different fruits from different cities. Hope you will be with us till the end.

dataset cells Same size Excel

Method 1

Using Mouse to Drag to Your Liking

One of the most used computer tools is the Mouse. Let’s see how we can use the mouse to make our Cells the same in size in Excel.

⬇️⬇️ STEPS ⬇️⬇️

  • First, select the column you want to make the same in size. In this case, we select Cell B4 and then stretch the selection to the end of the column which is B10.
  • Afterward, we come to the Column Header where we can see the names of the columns and place our mouse pointer to the corner of most of the column Border. Here, we took our pointer to Column B, and as soon as we took it to the corner between Column B and C, the pointer changed its shape.
  • Then, we drag our Column to the right to adjust our column size just like in the video.

mouse drag column same cell size excel

You can do the same steps to resize your Rows.


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Method 2

Double-Clicking Mouse

Dragging the Mouse to resize your cells may be fun, but there’s a shortcoming with it. Sometimes you might drag too far or too little, therefore you have to repeat as long as the problem remains. But there is also another way to make your cells the same in size in Excel so that the cells fit with the data. Let’s learn that.

⬇️⬇️ STEPS ⬇️⬇️

  • First, we need to select the Row we want to resize. We can do that in one click. Just take your mouse pointer to the Row Header and Click the Row number you want to change.
  • Next, instead of dragging, we place our pointer on the border of the Row Header and double-click the Mouse. You will see your Row’s size has been perfectly adjusted to your data size.

double clicking make cells Same size Excel

Naturally, the same process can be used to adjust your Column size.

Method 3

Utilizing Format Feature from Ribbon

Another method we can use is the Ribbon where we have the Format command under the Home Tab. We can apply the Format feature to adjust cell size to a specific size.

⬇️⬇️ STEPS ⬇️⬇️

  • Select your desired cells. In our example, we are selecting the range B4:E10. If Your Table is much bigger than our example, try clicking the top left cell of your required selection and pressing down on the Shift key, click on the bottom right cell of your required selection.
  • Now, Go to the Home tab where you will find Format at the right corner of the Ribbon. Click on that and you will find Column Width.

Utilizing Format Feature from Ribbon make same cell size excel

  • If you click on Column Width, a box will appear.
  • In the box, you can type any number you want your column width to be. In the example, we have given 20.

Format Feature column width cells Same size Excel

  • Finally, Press Enter or Click OK to close the box. You will see your columns have been adjusted to your size.

Format Feature make same cell size excel

  • Similarly, you can adjust your Row size to any number you want. Just make sure in Step 3,you click Row Height and you are set to go.

format row make same cell size

  • Now, put in any number you want.

formatrowvaluerow height_equalcellsize

  • Thus, your Rows will be balanced at the end.

format row final cell size

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Method 4

Using Context Menu

If you want to make your entire Excel worksheet the same in size in Excel, you can just use the context menu.

⬇️⬇️ STEPS ⬇️⬇️

  • First, Click on the Select All menu in the topmost corner of your Excel worksheet.

select all make cell same size

  • Second, keep your pointer to the Row Header, Right-Click on any of the Row and select Row Height on the Pop-up Menu.

context row make cell size

  • At this point, a box will appear and you will put any number to your liking and press Enter to close the box.


  • Subsequently, you will see your Rows expand to your input length.


  • Similarly, you can adjust your Column Width to your preferred size.


  • Now, put the column length.


  • As a result, your Cell will be fresh looking just like in the picture.


Method 5

Applying Autofit to Resize Cells According to your Contents

If you don’t want to go through putting numbers to make your cells the same in size in Excel, you can also use the Autofit option. Let’s see how we can do that.

⬇️⬇️ STEPS ⬇️⬇️

  • Select your columns and Go to the Home Tab.
  • Next, Click Format, and you will find AutoFit Column Width.
  • Then, Click on that and your columns will be resized according to your data length.


  • Likewise, you can also select Rows and Click AutoFit Row Height to fit your rows.

  • So forth, Your Cells will Automatically adjust to your data length.


Method 6

Using VBA

Finally, we have come to the last method where we will use a VBA script to automate the process. But first, you need to customize your Ribbon to access the Developer option.

⬇️⬇️ STEPS ⬇️⬇️

  • First, Go to File Tab, click on it and Excel will show its Backstage view.


  • Here, at the left-down corner, you will see Options.

  • After you click Options, a box containing several options will appear. Select Customize Ribbon. At Main Tabs, you will have to check the box behind the Developer Then press OK.

  • Now, you will be able to see Developer Tab. Select Developer, then at the left corner Select Visual Basic.

  • A window (Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications) will show up. We will write some code here to resize our cells. Go to Insert and click Module.

insert module make same cell size excel

  • A white module will appear before you to write your code. I have already added the code so that you may copy and paste it in your module.
Sub resizingcells()
Range("B4:E10").ColumnWidth = 20 
Range("B4:E10").RowHeight = 20
End Sub

vba code make same cell size excel

P.S: In the Range, we are specifying the range of cells to adjust according to our Column Width and Row Height. You can add any number you want.

  • Now we can press F5 or Go to Run and click Run Sub/UserForm.

You will see your Columns and Rows have been resized perfectly.

vba final make cells same size excel

  • We can also use the Selection property instead of Range. In that case, you need to select the required cells before going to the Developer tab.
  • You can also Autofit your cells using VBA. You’ll have to use Autofit instead of Column Width or Row Height. You Can use the following codes: 
Sub resizingcells() 
End Sub

resize same cell size in excel

📄 Important Notes

🖊️  The Range property in VBA will change from selected cells to any range you give.

🖊️  No negative number can be provided in the Column Width and Row Height Box.

📝 Takeaways from This Article

📌  We provided Two Mouse shortcuts to resize our cells.

📌  Two Format options to customize cell width and height and Autofit cell size.

📌  Couple of VBA codes to make your cells lucrative.


So, here you go. These are the most used and simple methods you can use to perfectly resize or make your cells equal in size. I hope you have understood and enjoyed these methods as much as I have enjoyed explaining them. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to comment below and don’t forget to visit our site at

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