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How to Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel – 4 Easy Methods

This is an overview of the methods.

How to Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel

Data Validation provides instant restriction from entering data out of the range. MAX, MIN, and IF Functions show the referenced data considering a maximum and minimum value. RANDBETWEEN generates random data within a bottom and top value to make sample datasets.


The dataset below showcases the Sizes and Prices of several shirt samples.

Expected Sample of Data

Method 1 – Using the Data Validation Feature

To fill the Size and Price column use the Data Validation feature.

Dataset Overview

1.1. Using Value Range


  • Select the range Size. Go to the Data Tab> Data Tools.
  • Click Data Validation.

Use Data Validation

  • A window is displayed. Choose Settings.
  • In Allow, select Whole Number >> In Data, between >> 22 in Minimum >> 30 in Maximum

Data Validation pops-up

  • Go to Error Alert.
  • In Style, select Warning >>In Title, choose Out_of_Range  >> In Error message, Please enter a value between 22-30.

How to Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel

  • Click OK. Enter values. If values are entered out of the range (22-30), the Warning Message will be displyed.

Error Alert

How to Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel

  • Click OK. This is the output.

How to Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel

1.2. Using a Data Validation Custom Formula


  • Select the range Size: Data Tab >> Data Tools >>Data Validation
  • In the Data Validation window: in Allow,choose Custom  >> Enter the formula below.

Repeat the procedure in 1.1 for Error Message.

Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel with Custom Formula

  • Select the range Price and apply the following formula.


  • Click OK.

How to Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel

  • This is the output.

Error Message

This is the final output.

How to Set a Minimum and Maximum Value in Excel

Method 2- Applying the RANDBETWEEN Function

the RANDBETWEEN function generates random data from top and bottom values.


  • Click C8. Enter the Formula


  • F5 = Bottom Value
  • E5 = Top Value

Make sure you lock the references by pressing F4.


  • Press ENTER. Drag the Fill Handle down to Autofill the formula. You will get random values between 22-30.

Method 3- Using the MAX and MIN Functions

The MAX function returns the largest value and the MIN function returns the smallest value in a set of values ignoring logical values and texts.


  • Select F5. Enter the Formula.

It extracts the largest value in D5:D13.

MAX function

  • Click G5. Enter the Formula


It extracts the minimum value in D5:D13.

MIN function

Method 4 – Utilizing the SMALL and LARGE Functions

The LARGE function returns the k-th largest value. The SMALL function returns the k-th smallest value. To find the first largest and the first smallest value, use k => 1.


To extract the maximum and minimum values, select F5. Enter the Formula.


LARGE Function

It extracts the largest value in D5:D13 (the second argument k => 1 is used)

To find the smallest value, enter the formula.


SMALL Function

It extracts the smallest value in D5:D13.

Download Practice Workbook

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed your explanations and thank you for that. But what I’m trying to do is a bit different. I want to give my students grades that must not exceed 100. Each student has an exam grade and some extra credits. So the main formula is ExamGrade+(ExtraCredit*20%100) but some do get more than 100. How can I prevent this or correct this? Thank you

    • You can simply do that using any of the above methods that use the MIN function or the IF function.

      1. MIN Function: The formula will be …
      Total Grade = MIN(Exam_Grade + Extra_Credit*0.2,100)

      2. IF Function: The formula will be …
      Total Grade = IF(Exam_Grade + Extra_Credit*0.2>100,100,Exam_Grade + Extra_Credit*0.2)

      Assume the Exam_Grade is in cell B2 and the Extra_Credit is in cell C2. Then apply any of the following formulas in cell D2 to get the Total_Grade with a maximum of 100.

      I have also emailed you an Excel document for this. Please check.

      Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Md. Shamim Reza (ExcelDemy Team)

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